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Mark Watson #11 Mark Watson
Banksy No More Names with 'A'
Tim Key Tim Key Men without Premier League namesakes
Tim Key Tim Key Personal Life stem on Wikipedia longer than four paragraphs
Tim Key Tim Key Wearing gloves at work
Alex Horne #15 Alex Horne
Banksy No More Non-birth names
Mark Watson Mark Watson Previously played
Mark Watson #7 Mark Watson
Banksy No More Names without repeated letters
Tim Key Tim Key Without proof of existence
Key misremembers 'the God category' as: "No more people who we don't know when they were born or hatched." Watson is sure the name satisfies the actual category and discusses with Horne. Challenge is dismissed on both grounds.
Tim Key #13 Tim Key
Banksy No More Born in the UK
Mark Watson Mark Watson Shown holding items in both hands, one 10× heavier